Friday, February 1, 2008

Stage Blue--What Do You Want?

Now that we know what is important to us from yesterday's activity we can try to figure out how to use our money to fulfill those values/ideals instead of spending money to fulfill bad motivations.

So my motivations are:

Family (humans and my dog)

Some of my motivations may encourage me to spend money that contradict my other motivations (I want to travel, but I also want to help provide for my family) so I just have to balance it, which we will learn about later.

First we need to think about why our motivations are important so we can best fulfill those needs. I want you to take out your list of motivations and write down why your motivations are important to you and what you want for the motivation. Here's mine:

For Family--I want to have kids one day, but I want to bring them into a world where I can provide for them. Also, if anything happens to me, I want my hubby to be okay. I also want to be present in the lives my my nieces and nephew and the rest of my extended family.

For Career--I want to make sure that I continue to learn and develop myself professionally and make a good impression at work. I want to have an influence on other people and make a difference in the world through my daily work.

For Adventure/Travel--I want to make sure that I explore my world. I want to make sure I experience what life has to offer. I guess you could say, I want to live life like it is an adventure and explore my options.

For Health--I want to live a full and healthy life. I want to be able to stay active for a long time and put things into my body that will keep it running well.

For Comfort--This is similar to adventure/travel in the motivation that I want to experience what there is to experience. However, I don't just want this for now, but I want to make sure I can afford to be comfortable for the rest of my life. I want to have a nice retirement one day and not have to stress or worry about how I will make it.

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